Hectic Holidays

Hey all, Jen here! Sorry that there haven’t been many posts the past few weeks. With the holidays, things got crazy. My parents came to visit from New Jersey and work has been nuts, but now we’re back!

We hope to publish “Uncovering the Phantom” soon. We want to have a few chapters finished before publishing so that if another hectic time happens, we have chapters available for you guys to read. So far it’s looking pretty good, and we hope that you guys will enjoy it.

We also hope to publish some book reviews soon. I just finished a good book called “The Architect of Song” by A.G. Howard. She had also written another book I really liked, called “Roseblood.” K. Leigh would know this book well, as she was the one who bought it for me. As far as book designs go, that has to be the second best book I’ve ever had.

I also did a bad and bought an expensive book. I had seen that Easton Press had published a Limited Edition Deluxe Illustrated copy of “The Phantom of the Opera,” signed by the artist. It’s absolutely beautiful, guys. There are 22k gold accents and it’s in a beautiful slipcover. I wanna open it and see all the beautiful illustrations, but we’re gonna get gloves first, so that I don’t ruin it. I will probably do a review once I get around to opening it.

So, I want to know what you guys want to see. Do you want more blog posts? More reviews? If reviews, are there specific ones you’d like to see? Just let us know! We love hearing from you guys.


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