• The White Princess on Starz
    So, after I finished “The White Queen” on Amazon video, I, of course, had to continue the story and watch “The White Princess.” This was not the first time I have seen the show, but as a Philippa Gregory fan, I had to watch […]
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  • “The White Queen” (Based on the novels of Philippa Gregory)
    If you could not tell by my past reviews, I’m a big fan of Philippa Gregory’s books. The basis of this review is the Starz channel mini-series “The White Queen,” which was adapted for television from three of Philippa […]
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  • The Architect of Song – A.G. Howard
    “The Architect of Song” was my second foray into the realm of A.G. Howard’s writing. I had read online that if I liked “RoseBlood,” then I would also love “The Architect of Song,” and boy were they right. […]
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  • RoseBlood – A. G. Howard
    RoseBlood by A.G. Howard is a beautiful book. That was my first reaction when I saw it. It’s just a beautiful book. You can tell extra work went into the design. The text is blood-red and the chapters have very lovely red decoration. The cover […]
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  • Vinland Saga Vol. 1 by Makoto Yukimura
    Here at Writing Across The Lines, we want to keep things interesting. What better way than reviewing a manga? Of course, I can’t review the whole story because I have not ready every volume, but I can review the first volume. What is a manga? […]
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  • The Snow Kimono by Mark Henshaw
    Hello Again, Time for another review. I finished The Snow Kimono by Mark Henshaw a couple of weekends ago. I wanted to write a review right away, but I had to sort through my thoughts and by the time I did that, life caught up. Now a funeral and a […]
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  • Murder On The Orient Express (2017)
    Just a forewarning to anyone who may read this, I do not normally do reviews. I don’t feel very comfortable at reviewing anything, so I figured I’d start with a recent movie I saw – Murder on the Orient Express. It is, of course, […]
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  • The Last Tudor – Philippa Gregory
    Another day, another review of a Philippa Gregory book. I feel I must again begin this with the disclaimer that I love her books. However, it’s not unwarranted. This book was no exception. I was so excited that even though a friend bought me a […]
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  • The New Kindle Oasis and Fabric Standing Cover
    Well guys, here it is! My review of the All-New Kindle Oasis. This review is for the 2017 version at 32GB with Wi-Fi and Cellular. I also want to state that I’ve read a lot of reviews for the Oasis, so I will also be referring to things that […]
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  • Calibre
    Wow, somehow I must find words to describe the awesomeness that is Calibre. Like, I mean. Seriously. I love Calibre. Almost as much as I love my fiance. Yeah, it’s that awesome. So, I guess I should tell you guys what Calibre is. According to […]
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