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Another day, another review of a Philippa Gregory book. I feel I must again begin this with the disclaimer that I love her books. However, it’s not unwarranted.

This book was no exception. I was so excited that even though a friend bought me a signed copy, I bought the Kindle copy so that I wouldn’t ruin the physical book. I had waited to read this novel until after I had finished Three Sisters, Three Queens by Gregory, so that I could have my mind set in the correct time period.

This novel is told in three parts, each following one of the Grey sisters. The first section is told by Jane Grey, also known as the “Nine-Days Queen.” She was forced to marry Guildford Dudley and then told that after her cousin Edward died, she was next in line for the throne rather than Mary, who was Henry VIII’s oldest daughter. By all accounts, Jane was reluctant to take the throne, insistent that Mary was the true heir. Her parents and in-laws ignored her and pushed her upon the throne. She was only queen for 9 days until Mary came in and took the throne back. At first, Mary was lenient, leaving Jane in the Tower of London. However, since her father and father-in-law continued to muster forces to put her back on the throne, Mary I saw her as a threat and had her beheaded.

The second part is told through the point of view of Jane’s younger sister Katherine. The bulk of her section occurs after the death of Mary I and the beginning of the reign of Elizabeth I. She had the gall to marry a man she loved (Edward “Ned” Seymour) without Elizabeth’s permission. As she was a princess of the blood (and Elizabeth’s presumptive heir), Katherine needed Elizabeth’s permission to marry. As punishment, Elizabeth throws Katherine into the Tower. We end her section with Katherine as the mother of two strong boys, away from her husband and court.

The third part is told by Mary, Katherine and Jane’s youngest sister. She is of short stature, supposedly having a twisted spine. She’s often juxtaposed against the court dwarf, Thomasina. Like her sister Katherine, she married for love. And, like her sister, she was punished for it.

I really liked that we saw history progress through our three sisters. Each of them lends their own voice to the story. One thing that I noticed was that my love of Elizabeth was lessened because of her treatment of the sisters. She was not what one would call “kind.” This was interesting, as some of Gregory’s previous novels showed Elizabeth in a positive light. I liked that we are shown a different side of her, even if it’s not her best side.

I highly recommend this novel to any history fans. We get to see history through the Grey sisters in a way that only Gregory can show.



To get your copy of “The Last Tudor” by Philippa Gregory, go here.

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Well guys, here it is! My review of the All-New Kindle Oasis. This review is for the 2017 version at 32GB with Wi-Fi and Cellular. I also want to state that I’ve read a lot of reviews for the Oasis, so I will also be referring to things that I’ve seen many others talk about.

My first impression of the Oasis was “square.” I’m used to my Paperwhite, which is rectangular. This was because of the larger screen size, which is 7″ compared to the 6″ on the other Kindles. While an inch may not seem like much, trust me, it is. While reading a book, I compared the same page on both my Oasis and the Paperwhite, and the Oasis fit an entire paragraph extra on the screen. This would lead to less page turns, which is handy.

In terms of the design, it’s beautiful. It’s a lot lighter than I had expected, especially with the metal back. I had read that the edges of the screen were rather sharp, and I do have to agree. If you hold it wrong, it could cause some discomfort. I love the fact that there is no bezel around the screen itself. With my Paperwhite, there’s always at least one cat hair stuck in the bezel. It drove me nuts. I’m glad it won’t happen with the Oasis. I love the little area to the right of the screen where the buttons are. It gives you a place for your thumb to grip onto the reader. I also had not realized how much I missed the buttons that were on my Kindle Keyboard. While the default setting for the Oasis’ buttons is to have forward at the top and back on the bottom, I swapped them so that they were more like the layout of my Keyboard’s buttons.

I started the Oasis up, and boy is it snappy. It flips pages far faster than my Paperwhite, which is amazing. I immediately loaded it up with all of my books using Calibre (if you want to know more about this amazing program, check out my review here.) With my Paperwhite, if I added a bunch of books, it would take them forever to load, if they loaded at all. On the Oasis, it did take a little bit of time (to be fair, I was adding over 600 books), but it was FAR faster than on my Paperwhite. And it loaded all of them up, which was a surprise.

One thing I liked was that it listed all of my collections on the new Kindle, which makes sense because the collections are actually saved on the cloud. What surprised me, and made me love the Oasis even more (though it may be just a Kindle thing) was that after I had all of the books loaded up onto the Oasis and connected both that and my Paperwhite to the internet, it put all of my books into the right collections! I thought I would have to spend days sorting through and adding things to the right collections, when there it did it for me! It did forget some of the items in collections that had over 50 items, but it had about 40 of them in there. I must also note that these were not books purchased from Amazon. I expected my Amazon purchased books to be in the right collections, but not the ones from Calibre. As I said, it was a pleasant surprise.

One thing that had concerned me was the price. A lot of reviewers stated that they preferred the Paperwhite over the Oasis because they did not find the Oasis to be worth the hefty price tag. I personally have to disagree. While it is pricey, I feel that the 32GB and water-resistant aspects of the Oasis made it well worth the price. If you don’t mind spending the money, I highly recommend purchasing the new Oasis.



I also got the Fabric Standing Cover in Indigo from Amazon for the Oasis. I was concerned because I had read quite a few bad things about the cover. Many people stated that it doesn’t stay attached very well. I do have to say that this is a partial truth. You can indeed hold the Oasis by the cover and it will stay attached. However, if you fold the cover back like a book and then go to flip it back, you have to do it a certain way or else the case may pop off. I would like to have seen the magnets on the case be a little stronger, so that it stayed attached more strongly.

As you can see I did add a sticker to the case, which makes using the “standing” part of the case obsolete (it pops part of the sticker off). If you plan on using the “standing” aspect, do not attach a sticker across the crease.

Altogether, I love the Oasis and I really like the Case. While there were some things I would like to see changed (stronger magnets for the case, rounded edges for the Oasis), I feel that it was a great purchase and I look forward to using them for many years to come.


You can get the new Kindle Oasis here and the Fabric Standing Cover here.

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So, this is a little follow-up post about the crazy hoops I’ve had to jump through just to get a new Kindle Oasis.

You all know that I had ended up ordering the 32gb, WI-FI-only version of the Oasis from Best Buy, after I had found out that ordering it from Amazon would result in my not receiving the Oasis until November 21st.

So, I went on to Best Buy and ordered it from there. It said that I would have it Friday, November 3rd, even with the free shipping, so I ordered it. And then I waited, and waited, and waited. When it came to Thursday, it was still stuck at “Processing.” Concerned, I gave Best Buy a call. After getting a real person, I was told that it wouldn’t make it in time because they were out of stock.

You would imagine that they wouldn’t allow anyone to order it if they didn’t have enough stock, but nooooo. And they didn’t change the status of the order officially until THE DAY IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HERE. It even said that it would be here before December 3rd, and if not then they would “cancel the order.”

I checked the page for that particular Oasis and it said “sold out.” However, the WI-FI and Cellular version was still available, even if it was more expensive. I cancelled the other order and ordered that one, with an expected delivery day of Wednesday, November 8th. It’s more expensive, but to be able to download my ebooks anywhere and also have the “special offers” taken off made it worth it to me.

The next day, I was excited because it went from “processing” to “preparing.” Then my heart stopped because I saw that the one I had ordered also went to “sold out.” I contemplated calling Best Buy again to see if I would actually get my Kindle this time, but I figured I’d give it a few days just to see. My waiting has paid off.

Today, my Kindle Oasis went to “shipped.” I’m super excited to get it and load it up. I even have some ebooks in my Wish List that I plan on buying to put on my new precious.

Oh! I didn’t even think to tell you all. So, my current Kindle Paperwhite has this cover that looked amazing online but horrible in person. It was teal with gold swirls that I thought would be metallic but ended up not. So I found a really cute decal to put on it. Here it is:

When I found out that I was getting the new Oasis, I tried to peel the sticker off of the other case, since I wanted my new one to have the decal. It didn’t want to come off. So, I called the two nearest Hot Topics (where I bought it) but they were all sold out. Well, that they knew of.

The other day we went to the mall in Pensacola and I figured that I would stop at Hot Topic just to see if they happen to have one and just didn’t know it. Lo and behold, I found the last one they had! So, once the Oasis is here, I’m putting the new sticker on the case and I’ll be ready to go.

So, if I haven’t bored you all already, here’s the TL;DR: After a long and arduous process, my new Kindle Oasis finally is on it’s way.


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Hey all!

So, my topic of today’s blog post is the “All-New Kindle Oasis.”

Now, before you start, I know a lot of people don’t like ereaders and prefer to read a physical book instead. I love physical books as well (especially my 1st American edition of The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux), but you have to concede the convenience of ereaders. Kindles in particular, since they sync across many devices.

Anywho, back to the Oasis. Now, normally I would shy away from something that’s priced near $300. I mean, who in their right mind would spend that kind of money, especially if they already have a working Kindle? Well, it turns out that person would be me.

BUT GUYS. IT’S WATERPROOF. Like, IPX8, which means it can be held underwater (fresh water, mind you) for near an HOUR. Now, for those of you (like me) who love to read in the bath, this is a must-have feature.

Let’s go Billy Mays and say BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!!

It also comes in an 8gb version OR A 32GB VERSION. Now, the current Kindles (at least the Paperwhite, Voyager, and Oasis) are only 4gb. That is a good amount for ebooks, even if you have a ton. I have over 1,000 ebooks on my current Kindle Paperwhite, and it’s only halfway full. But I don’t have all of my comics on there, so I don’t know how much room that will take up. I like the idea of 32gb because it future-proofs your Kindle experience. That, and it allows for the audiobooks you can get from Audible.

So, excited, I went over to Amazon and hit pre-order. The next thing I saw made my jaw drop.


This thing comes out on October 31. If I ordered it today, it should be here on release day. That gives it time for the Prime free shipping to get it here. But noooooooo. They wanted me to wait almost a month to get my new toy! Not fair!

So I Googled “Kindle Oasis delivery delays” and boy, am I glad I did! I found a blog post that had a bunch of comments on it with different people listing their arrival dates for their Oasis’s. Some people were apparently getting it on release day, but they ordered it the day it was announced. Everyone else showed sometime mid-to-late November.

Except one person. They posted that they ordered it the other day, and were getting it on release day. But they didn’t order it from Amazon, they ordered it from BEST BUY!! I didn’t think I would be able to get my 32gb version from Best Buy, but lo and behold, it was there! I was so excited. I immediately cancelled my Amazon order and placed one for Best Buy. My new delivery date is November 3rd. I could have paid an extra $20 and gotten it on release day, but I can wait four days and save the money. It’s still better than mid-November.

So, lesson learned. I can’t wait to get my hands on the new Kindle Oasis and will be sure to post a review for it a few days after it arrives. Keep an eye out!


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