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So this post is about two of my obsessions: pens and paper. Two of the tools of the trade for a writer. However, even though I am a writer, I have taken it to the extremes.

One day, upon browsing Facebook, I saw an ad for the new Pentel EnerGel Alloy pens. I absolutely fell in love with the powder blue one that was in the advert. I went to Walmart, where they were supposed to be, but they only had the black and silver ones. I did manage to find it on Amazon along with “sky blue” refills. I read a lot about how the ink dried so quickly that “even lefties loved it,” and boy does it write well. The total for the pen and the refills was about $25. Yes, I spent that much just for a pen.

A few days later I was looking for a specific notebook that I know I have somewhere. It’s the Five Star Flex, which is a notebook with three binder-like prongs so that you can add more paper. It essentially acts as a binder with non-metal holders. However, I couldn’t find it for the life of me. Well, I found one, but not the one I was looking for. I looked online for another one, but I couldn’t decide between 1″ or 1.5″. I looked on the Mead website to see what their purchase options were when I found that they had a 1″ with a customizable cover. As this was a notebook intended for stories for this page, I wanted to be able to switch it all out. So, I bought the customizable cover notebook for about $18. Again, yeah, I’m crazy.

I should probably talk about my problem now. I love pens. I have a drawer that is full of pens with just plain black or blue ink. I have a shoebox where I have my colorful pens. They are standing up and the box is full. I like all sorts of pens. From very fine-tipped to bold, from felt-tip to ballpoint, even to fountain and dip pens. I even have two glass dip pens. Yeah, I love pens.

I also love paper. And notebooks. I have so many notebooks with nothing in them that were all “intended for use.” My favorite notebooks are the ones made of what is called “rock paper.” It is very soft paper, rather thick, and it’s almost orgasmic to write on. However, it’s best to write it with a ballpoint pen, as gel pens don’t absorb into the paper as well as it does regular paper. I also love thicker paper. I have 20lb college-ruled filler paper that I bought at Office Depot a while ago. I had bought one ream, then when I realized how much I liked it, I went back and bought more. I removed the paper that came in the Flex notebook and filled it with my 20lb filler paper.

With the gorgeous pen and perfect notebook, it’s an ideal environment for me to write. I like to write things out by hand before typing them, especially with stories, so I needed a notebook for our stories. I think I’ve found the perfect combination.


To get your own EnerGel Alloy, go here.

To get your own Five Star Flex notebook, go here.

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