Recovering from Mental Health Concerns

Around the holidays, many people get what’s known as “seasonal depression.” I happen to be one of those people, however, I do have bouts of depression at other times as well. I have not been mentally present/focused in any aspect of my life right now, to be honest.

I am starting to break through and get back to being the self I like to be. I know other people are struggling more than I am and I hope they can fight it and recover, but I don’t want solely talk about this because there are plenty of blogs that have more helpful insight than I do.

What I want to focus on is my plans to contribute to Writing Across The Lines:

  1. I did have book reviews I was planning on writing, but they went out the window. So the next book I finish reading, I will do a book review for it on WATL.
  2. I had some blogs/tips I wanted to write, but again, not going to happen at this point. I will be attempting to post more in the future
  3. I would like to take some pretty pictures in 2018 and post them on here. Maybe with a short story, blog, or what have you.
  4. I would like to finish the story we are working on to share it with everyone who comes to this page.

I want to make WATL a big deal. I always enjoy comments, reviews, suggestions for my posts and this page and I’m pretty sure Jen and Cymantha do, too. If you have any, don’t hesitate to let us know!

Please like, share, follow, comment, suggest, etc in 2018 and help us grow.



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  • I love you dearest. Please don’t ever think that your issues are less than important because they’re “not as bad” or “not as often” as someone else’s. Your depression is every bit as important as someone who suffers daily.

    As far as this site goes, you take your time. This is just for fun and not anywhere near as important as your health. If you can post, awesome! If not, then it’s not the end of the world. We will love you just the same. <3


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